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Retiring Tina

    Intro to Investing - Dividends

    Sep 06, 2016
    Most people dream of being able to make a stable income just from investing the money they have now. One of the easiest ways to do this is through dividends- one form of return you can receive on your investment dollars...
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    What is the Cloud and Is It Safe?

    Aug 30, 2016
    There was a time we used to buy furniture to hold our media. CD racks, DVD racks, photo albums and filing cabinets filled our living rooms, guest room closets and wherever else we could pile them...
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    Investing in their Future: Thoughts on my Grand-baby's Birthday

    Aug 23, 2016
    I attended a birthday party this past weekend. There were balloons, streamers, and a pile of presents that threatened to bury the birthday girl under an avalanche of pink wrapping paper and curly ribbon.
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    A Different Breed of Diversification: What Multiple Certificates Can Do For You

    Aug 01, 2016
    The husband and I are enjoying our trip through the wine country. I’m looking forward to writing about some of these beautiful vineyards, the majestic scenery, and the different culture here in California...
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    Back Home Again and Planning for Tomorrow

    Aug 01, 2016
    We arrived back in Indiana last week. After being gone almost three weeks, it felt good to get home. While I enjoyed our RV adventure, I am also thrilled to have a full home back again, with multiple rooms and a full size kitchen...
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    Share Certificate Shopping – How To Keep Your Money Spinning

    Jul 21, 2016
    It’s been a fun week traveling the country in our rental RV. We’ve shared campfire stories with new friends, visited local restaurants, and built memories to share and treasure once we return home in a few weeks. Still, retirement isn’t ALL fun and games.
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    On The Road Out West

    Jul 12, 2016
    RV living—what can I say? I don’t think it’s for me, at least not full time, but so far, the husband and I are enjoying the trip. We’ve stayed at 2 RV parks so far, and if you’re starting to lament the human condition and doubt in the power of community and basic human decency, this is the solution for you.
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    Celebrating Independence My Own Way

    Jul 08, 2016
    It seems fitting that Independence Day fell on the first Monday of my retirement life. My career was never a prison, never anything that I was trying to break free from, but yet, I do have this new sense of freedom. I CAN DO WHAT I WANT EVERY DAY. Wow.
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