Afena History

How we got where we are today…

At Afena, throughout our history we’ve been dedicated to serving our community. Our story began in 1957 when Marion Creech, Leonard Flannery, and George Shively founded Marion Independent FCU. It all started in the home of the treasurer, and our staff consisted of a single volunteer. From our first loan of $200, our focus has been giving our members the financial support they need.

Fast-forward to today…with two local branches, a new name, assets over $60 million, and over 7,000 members our focus is unchanged: offering our members the financial services they desire. As our member base grows, our service offerings continue to expand to meet its changing needs. Although our community has expanded from the Fisher Body Division of General Motors to all of Grant and Wabash counties, as a not for profit credit union, Afena continues to exist for the sole purpose of providing our community with the financial knowledge and resources it needs.

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