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$5,000 reasons for you to feel better about your finances.

In the whirlwind of life, anything can happen - and that can leave you wondering whether your finances can handle an unexpected expense. Breathe easy. Afena Federal Credit Union offers a great backup plan - a flexible line of credit you can tap into for repairs or purchases or to prevent a checking account overdraft. With low rates and convenient 24-hour access, your Goldline can be a welcome lifeline.

Goldline of Credit

  • Personal line of credit at a low, fixed interest rate
  • Apply for a credit limit up to $5,000*
  • Goldline is linked to your checking account and can be used as overdraft protection**
  • Funds can also be used for almost any other purpose
  • Convenient access through online and mobile banking

Afena Federal Credit Union is a full-service financial institution headquartered in Marion, IN that serves Grant, Wabash, Blackford, Jay, and Wells counties.

*Must meet qualifications
**If overdraft protection has been requested. Please see our overdraft disclosures for more information.

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Treat yourself with our VISA Rewards card.

Earn 2 points for every dollar you spend, and you get to choose how you want to claim your rewards points!

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