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Youth Accounts

Keep it fun, keep it real, keep strengthening good habits

Being a financially savvy kid starts with learning how to save and spend. Here's where you start handling your own money and making some of your own financial decisions. That kind of independence is a big deal, and we provide the accounts to help you start. Open an account in your own name so you can start saving for what you want and monitor your savings to watch it grow.

Kids Club Account

  • It all starts with coins in a jar, and where it goes from there is all up to your child. Get them excited about saving money and show them fun ways to learn good habits through this account.
  • Open to kids up to 12 years old
  • Minimum deposit and balance of just $1
  • Earn dividends on deposits
  • Free access to Afena Federal Credit Union coin counters so kids can turn loose change into more usable cash
  • Account transitions to a share account when the child turns 13

Teen Account

You're working your first job, earning your own money for the first time. Here's the perfect place to keep your cash while you build up your savings steadily.

  • Share account available to members ages 13 to 18
  • Open the account without an adult
  • Pair this with a scholar checking account and debit card (may require an adult co-signor)
  • Use this account as overdraft protection for the checking account

Afena Federal Credit Union is a full-service financial institution headquartered in Marion, IN that serves Grant, Wabash, Blackford, Jay, and Wells counties.
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And that's not just because we're a credit union! You can always count on us to listen, not judge and treat you like a person, not a credit score.

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