What You Should Know About the Equifax Data Breach:


On September 7th, Equifax one of the big three credit reporting agencies announced a data breach affecting over 143 million people.

This is the largest data breach of this year and may have been cause by a known website exploit.

Equifax is mailing out breach notices to those whom credit card data and/or other sensitive information were affected or you could follow the web link below to see if you may be affected. 

The hack took took place between May and July, with the vulnerability being discovered on July 29th 2017.

As a consumer, if you are affected or would like to take extra percaution, the industry recommendedation would be to place a credit freeze with all three bureaus. 

This will help stop individuals from opening accounts and loans or other lines of credit without your permission. 

Monitor your credit cards and credit union statements frequently to identify any unauthorized debits or purchases. 

For more information please see the following references:

Credit Freeze information:

Equifax Data Breach Information


Same Day ACH Debits: 


You may have already noticed a chance in the times during the day that electronic direct deposits post to your account. Beginning on Friday September 15, 2017 the times will also change for electronic debit payments (withdrawals) that post to your account. ACH debits include, but are not limited to, automatic drafts, check conversions and electronic payments. Once this goes into effect, any ACH debit can clear your account on the same day it is initiated. 

What You Should Know

• When you authorize a merchant to debit your account with Afena FCU, the funds for that debit may be withdrawn from your account on the same day.  You should always have sufficient funds in your account to cover every payment you make, authorize or initiate. 

• If you have pre-authorized a recurring electronic payment, such as an electric bill, cable bill, insurance bill, etc., it is very likely there will be no change to the time these payments are posted to your account.
• Afena Federal Credit Union has no control over when these ACH files are received and/or when they post to your account.

Should you have any questions about how the new Same Day ACH rule can affect your automatic debits, please contact us at 765.664.8089. Thank you!

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