The Credit Union Difference - Afena Federal Credit Union

The Credit Union Difference

Why a Credit Union is the right choice for you…

So what makes us different from a bank?

Credit unions are not for profit, member owned, democratically controlled financial cooperatives. In short: we exist solely to serve you. There are no stockholders to pay, and 100% of the board members are volunteers.

Feeling overlooked by big banks?

Our local branches give us the opportunity to get to know you by name and get you exactly what you need. We offer many of the same services that banks do, and because our members also happen to be our owners, we return profits to members through lower loan rates, higher savings rates and free or low-cost services.

What’s in it For You?

Once you put your money in a credit union, you become a member, not just a customer, and your deposit is your share of the ownership in the credit union. And as a member, you have the right to vote for your choice of board members, or even run yourself. Whatever your needs, low-cost (or free!) services, member ownership, and personal service make the choice between a bank and a credit union pretty simple.

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