Community Development Policy

Learn about our commitment to the community and our Non-profit of the Month Program…

Community Commitment

We’re proud of our roots, and after 60 years, they’ve run deep. Because we’re local, we see the needs in the area on a daily basis, and we’re committed to helping our community thrive. So don’t be surprised if you see us walking, driving, and volunteering for a local cause. 

We’re committed to having an impact. Click here to see the non-profits we love to support.

Non-profit of the Month

We want to celebrate our nonprofit partners and give them the spotlight they deserve. That’s why we started our Non-profit of the Month program. Every month, we will be picking a different organization to celebrate; but it doesn’t stop there. Last year we gave over $11,000 to non-profit organizations; we want to keep it going in 2017! 

So, have a suggestion? Click here to fill us in. As a member we want to know what you care about.