Gold Line Loans - Afena Federal Credit Union


The ultimate backup plan…

We know it happens sometimes. No matter how much you’ve planned and budgeted, there’s always the possibility of an unexpected expense popping up. With Goldline, it doesn’t matter what you need, you’ll have a line of credit to help you tackle the unexpected. Not only that, you’ll have access to your line of credit all day, every day. When you qualify for a Goldline Account, you’ll have the money to spend on the things that you need, at a low fixed rate. So be prepared for whatever comes, and apply for a Goldline today (choose line of credit as your selected loan type).


  • Low fixed rate
  • Apply for up to $5,000*
  • Overdraft protection**
  • Personal line of credit
  • Constant access to funds up to your stated limit
  • Convenient 24 hour access

*Must meet qualifications
**If overdraft protection has been requested

Fields marked with * are required