Kids’ Club

Teach your kids the right way to save…

This April is Kid's Month at Afena, and we want all of our Kids' Club account holders to pump up the savings! That's why we'll give every new kids' club member an Afena piggy bank with the first dollar already saved to get started!

It’s easy to get kids excited about spending money, but saving money…well, that’s another story. Our Afena Kids’ Club will have them dragging you to your local branch. Kids ages 0-12 will get one Ozzy dollar every time they make a deposit, and they can save them or spend them on one of our many prizes.

Best of all, a kids club account has a minimum of just $1, and comes with a free gift, membership card, and a savings book. With free access to the coin counter, they can see loose change turn into cash, and earn dividends while learning the value of saving and managing money well.

Features and Benefits

  • Open to kids ages 0-12
  • Minimum deposit and balance just $1
  • Dividend earnings
  • Rewards program
  • Free coin counter access if placed in kids club account