Testimonials - Afena Federal Credit Union


"I know I can come in at ask questions and trust that they have my best interests at heart...I tell everyone I know to open up an account at Afena!" Read more of Madison's Story

"I asked God to help us with our debt, and He led us to Afena. And so far, everything has worked out just great. Truly, Afena has been a 'God thing' for us." Read more of Jonny's story
      -Jonny Weatherly

"I see a rainbow at the end of my financial storm...I will be an Afena member for life." Read more of Mia's story

"I just can't express how Afena has helped me." Read more of Ginny's story

"I now have an extra $1,400 extra dollars in my bank account every month. That's how much money I saved refinancing with Afena." Read more of L.A. story

“Having the credit union have your back as a woman, as a single-mom, as an entrepreneur—it’s just so important. I’m trying to do things on my own and make my own way, and they helped me do that. Afena helped me put the loan in my name, save hundreds of dollars every month, and they stood up for me to support me...that means everything.” Read more of Stephanie's story

"Afena is the best financial institution I have ever been with."
-Richard D.

"We felt like the employees at Afena went out of their way to help us into this new vehicle."
-Keith T.

"Already switched my husband’s account to Afena. If there was a higher rating, Stephanie would have exceeded that rating as well."
-Sarah L.

"Love your employees! They are a joy to come and see!"
-Anne D.

"Afena is top rate for me. I’ve been here as long as Afena has and would not be happy anywhere else. Thank you for your kind and great service."
-Stella O.

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