Identity Theft Recovery

Fully Managed Identity Theft Research, Remediation and Recovery


If you suspect identity theft or if your personal information becomes compromised, we will assign you to a personal Recovery Advocate who will complete the recovery work on your behalf, report progress along the way, and be there for you until your good name is restored – no matter how long it takes. Based on your identity theft incident, your Recovery Advocate will:

  • Assist in placing fraud alerts at the three major credit bureaus
  • Review your credit reports to identify the extent of fraudulent activity
  • Remediate fraudulent transactions, false accounts, and/or contracts signed
  • Support law enforcement as they work to stop the criminal(s) using your identity
  • Follow up with you for 12 months.

This service covers all types of identity theft, even if it is not related to your account(s) with Afena Federal Credit Union! Types of identity theft covered includes:

  • Credit/debit card fraud
  • Tax fraud
  • Employment fraud
  • Government documents and benefits fraud
  • Any other identity theft recognized by the Federal Trade Commission
Plus, the identity theft recovery service extends to cover up to 3 generations of your family members!

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