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"We felt like the employees at Afena went out of their way to help us into this new vehicle."

-Keith T.

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Afena Mom Blog Post:  Read this week’s blog, Life Lessons From an Armchair Quarterback: It’s football time again. I decided the season didn’t really start until our favorite teams started doing well, so this is unofficially the 2nd game of the season. As we approached the Superbowl last year, I was inspired to write about some life lessons from the football field. Having sat through two unimpressive games already this year, I’m inspired to offer a different kind of list: life lessons from the armchair quarterback...Keep Reading

Retiring Tina Blog Post: Read this week's blog, Retirement's not as Far Away as You Think: Darrow Kirkpatrick seems to be living the dream. He retired in Tennessee with his wife Caroline at age 50. No, he’s not a dot-com millionaire or a real-estate flipper or even a stock trader. He’s a planner. “I did it the traditional way—hard work, frugality, prudent investing, and patience,” says Kirkpatrick, a former software engineer..​Keep Reading

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