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Donation Application

Because a significant part of the credit union philosophy is “People helping people”, Afena Federal Credit Union strives on a regular basis to assist, aid, and enhance our community by donating to charitable organizations, participating in community activities and events and educating community members regarding their finances.

We do receive many requests for donations, sponsorships and community involvement. Unfortunately, we are unable to give to/participate in every local organization/event; however, we do review and consider every request that is presented properly to our Business Development Director.

The following describes the process we take in deciding who to donate to, sponsor, etc, according to our community involvement objectives. The goal of this policy is to set a structure and some guidelines for our community involvement.

To request a donation, one must:

  1. Fill out an Application for Donation/Involvement
  2. Application must be turned in 45 days before event or date of requested donation
  3. Application may be mailed to:

    Afena Federal Credit Union
    Attn: Business Development Director
    424 N. Bradner Ave.
    Marion, IN 46952

    If the applicant resides locally, he/she may bring the application in and leave it at the front desk.

Organizations with a formal application do not have to fill out the Application for Donation/Involvement; however, if additional information is necessary, an application will need to be completed. All requests must be submitted to the Business Development Director within the allotted time frame, and in the proper manner.

In the event that we are to choose between approving an application from a member and a non-member, priority will be given to the member’s application.

After reviewing the application, the Business Development Director will contact the applicant via phone or in writing within 5 days of the Requested Response Date, not vice versa.

Annually our Board of Directors and staff vote in which community events we will participate, and to what charities we will donate. Although this does not limit our contributions, priority is given to those chosen by our Board of Directors and staff.