Shaping up for the New Year

Retiring Tina

Shaping up for the New Year

Dec 23, 2016

It’s almost that time of the year again, and I’m not referring to Christmas.  I am thinking of the beginning of another year, when we come up with several grand ideas of what we want to implement or change in our lives …New Year’s resolution time! I know, I know, we all do this every year. The resolutions are usually very sensible - lose weight, get organized, start a hobby or even read more.  But most of us don’t keep our resolution through the first month.  I have the best of intentions, but it is often very difficult to stick to a plan.

Most of our friends are already talking about what they want to do. Our friends Bill and Mary have made a plan to travel more. They have made a bucket list of places that they want to go this year. Planning to go to places where they have never been before. This sounds so exciting and adventurous, I hope that they can make it happen!

Other friends of ours are planning on “trying” to become more organized and get their homes in shape in the New Year. They are asking for help from our “Susie homemaker” friend, Marci, on how to do this. The idea is to make a place for everything and then make a habit of always putting things in their place.  But there is the key … making a habit.  Making even the best laid plans become habit can be tricky.  I have no doubt Marci will be able to help them organize their home, but getting in the habit of consistently putting things away where they belong will be a challenge for these friends who are very laid back.  It is so easy to say “I’ll put that away later”.  I personally happen to have just enough OCD that clutter bothers me, so I need things put where they belong, and that helps keep our home organized.

As for Hubby and me, our daughter has coerced us into joining her in a commitment to exercise and get in shape.  She has decided that chasing the kids around isn’t “real” exercise.  She wants us to do this with her, saying that she needs someone to be accountable to.  Plus, we have lots of dusty exercise equipment in the basement, which is why I tend to not go down in the basement unless I have to.  It is like the treadmill, bicycle and trampoline are living entities, watching my every move and saying “come here Tina, come on over here” … and then talking about me when I go back upstairs!  Of course I know this is not real, but they do seem to beckon to me while just sitting there all dusty and lonely.  So Hubby and I agreed on the proposed partnership.

Next, the hunt for proper exercise clothes!  My plan was to take as many items as I could into the dressing room and try them on, reminding myself that I would be wearing the workout clothes at home and not in public. But item after item just seemed to make me more and more self-conscious.  Of course Hubby just picked up a couple pair of baggy shorts and some sweat pants and was off to the mall seating area to “people-watch”.  (Augghh!)  Although elastic is my new best friend, most of the workout wear is spandex.  Unfortunately, spandex is not forgiving, especially at my age!  I don’t fully understand where cellulite comes from, but whoever is doling it out has been quite generous with me!  I envy the younger gals I see wearing yoga pants all over town.  (I know most of them have not done a single yoga session in their life, but they do look good in the pants!)  The best thing about all this is that I am starting to shop now and not waiting till the first of the year.  This gives me plenty of time to buy things, decide they are not right, return them and start all over again!  Years ago, my children gave me the nickname “Queen of Returns” because I changed my mind so much and found myself returning items on a regular basis.

Since we already have quite an assortment of workout equipment, we are doing some shopping for a workout DVD.  Picking a DVD has been a little more challenging since I don’t really know what to look for.  I mean, really, the last time I had a formal exercise program was in the Jane Fonda and Richard Simmons era!  I am not sure what to think about “Booty Boot Camp” and “Ropes Gone Wild”.  I must admit I have gotten quite a chuckle out of some of the DVD’s I have seen.  One titled “BIG Booty Butt Workout” promises to show you how to build a big, round booty … which I have already done without even trying!

Although many people will make resolutions for the New Year that they will not fulfill, my recent brouhaha over wearing spandex has served to reinforce my commitment to working out.  I realize I may not totally banish cellulite from my body, but I know I will feel better and have more energy, and I will treasure the time with my daughter and husband. As for the exercise equipment that mocks me, I hope I will soon hear something like “Oh my, here she comes AGAIN!  Give it a rest, TinaGo back upstairs!” Of course I know it is not real, but a girl can dream, right?